Tax Debt Resolution

You shouldn’t have to be afraid of the IRS or your state tax authority!

Unresolved tax debt doesn’t have to be a burden. We are equipped to walk through this tedious process to help resolve your tax debt. Using our 4 step process, our goal is to pinpoint the tax debt issues directly with the tax authority, to provide you with expert support for resolving the issue(s), and to bring you peace of mind. We do through:

1. Investigate

It is hard to resolve issues when you do not know where to start. We gather all of the information needed to deliver the best solutions to resolve your tax issues.

2. Report

Whether you need to develop a profit and loss statement, file prior tax year returns, or other strategies we will present accurate tax forms to help reduce or eliminate your tax debts.

3. Negotiate

There are several programs to help alleviate your tax debt. It is a worthwhile process that produces peace of mind. .

4. Resolve

Once all forms and returns are accepted and processed, you are responsible for making your installment or one-time payment on time to avoid additional penalties 


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