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Fortune 500 companies pay less than 90% of taxes than small businesses.  Why? Because they have a tax strategy. 

 Are you tired of underpricing your services and overpaying in taxes? Does tax season make you nervous because you aren’t sure how much you owe?   

At Rose Tax Solutions, we are a committed team of Tax and Accounting Experts dedicated to help you remove the overwhelm getting organized. With over 18 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of small businesses just like you to grow and scale their profits without overpaying in taxes. We believe in global economic justice and achieve this by leveraging our personal and business finance workshops, our publications, and one-on-one coaching. Our mission is to ensure every household knows how to leverage the tax code to build generational wealth. move to the next level in their business. We believe in global economic justice for all households and that every household should know how to leverage the tax code to build wealth. 


Don’t overpay the IRS. Tax planning is critical to help you lower your tax liability, create tax shelters, and to scale your business affairs. Whether you are just a high-wage earner or looking to grow your business beyond you, tax planning is the place to start.  


You can’t grow what you don’t manage. Having a solid  management strategy will help you to decrease your monthly hassle and increase your peace of mind. Whether you are needing bookkeeping, accounting, restructuring, or business development, we can create an execution strategy that works for you.


If someone walked up to you with a blank check, do you know the exact amount of funding you need? Knowing your numbers is crucial for success in wealth management and owning a profitable business. We provide comprehensive bookkeeping, personal finance, and tax preparation to ensure you know exactly where you stand fiscally.


We simplify complex information 

We believe in financial literacy and we LOVE tax law! We give you peace of mind through education, organization and proper reporting. Whether that’s being up to date on the latest tax law changes or understanding how a new policy may affect your business earnings, we are here to help.

We make getting organized fun

Our onboarding process is seamless. With our unique online portal, you are able to submit all of your documents in a secure location, communicate with your accountant, and to submit secure payments to our firm. By using the client portal and our video conferencing tools, we eliminate our carbon fingerprint (Go Green!). 

We help you to secure your wealth

We help identify what tax shelters need to be put in place to maximize your tax savings. We believe in your legacy, not just completing your tax returns. We are here for the long run and not just for a transaction. 


Rose Tax Solutions is a full-service tax firm dedicated to ensure taxpayers understand their tax obligations to their respective tax authority. Our focus is to guide individuals, small businesses, and corporations with creating sustainable, profitable, tax strategies to create a legacy of wealth for generations to come. Our mission is to provide the best tax saving solutions to our clients. 


How much are your services?

At RTS, we don’t do cookie cutter. We provide a custom solution for each client and we believe our pricing should be tailored to what you need. Fill out the application here and we can put together a custom plan for you

Do you have a client portal?

 Yes. You can activate your secured portal to upload documents and organizers by clicking here.

What business expenses should I keep up with?

You can download our comprehensive checklist by clicking here.