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2023 BWS Exchange

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Eight out of 10 Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months.

Without proper support, financing, and resources, being a black own entrepreneur could become a thing of the past. The BWSE was created to address this by creating a platform to encourage the circulation of currency- money, human capital, and development. 

How do we measure this?

Through benchmarks. These are guiding principles that fuel how we create sustainable wealth for the community. These include:

  • Exchanging resources and theory to improve our operations.
  • Exchanging methods to strengthen our community, family, business, and self.
  • Exchanging funds to stimulate our community.
  • Exchanging intellectual conversations to mend our ethnic communities.
  • Exchanging positive vibes to promote local talent and entertainment groups.
  • Exchanging hate for unconditional love- we all have red blood vessels.

About the Exchange

There are three ways that the BWSE has interfaced previous  with the community include:

BWS Expo

The BWSE features local entertainment, networking, State of the Union panel discussions, a speaker’s gallery (breakout workshops), and the main exchange floor to circulate dollars! Attendees will not only exchange money with our vendors but will have the opportunity to gain meaningful information to strengthen their family dynamics, self-awareness, and business operations. This event will increase your organization’s branding in BWSE’s diverse network and community to serve as an outlet for your organization’s social, entrepreneurial, and community targets.

BWS Concert

Every year during the Exchange, we feature a concert that features local artists from around the community.  

BWS Exchange

We believe in the power of wealth circulation. That is why we also feature a marketplace of vendors and merchants that sell high quality products to help empower our vendors in finding their target audience and helping our attendees discover new businesses that they may have never discovered.